'Let clergy help end Syria madness'

by - 13th September 2013

Revd Nadim Nassar. Photo: Youtube.comWORLD'S ONLY Syrian Anglican clergyman says secular Western proposals will not bring peace to a religious people.

ANALYSIS Non-Muslim women: the unpalatable truth

by - 29th May 2013

Dr Taj Hargey: 'Outright condemnation'Muslims have not reached agreement about the status of ‘unbelievers’ in Britain, but, says Georgina Jardim, a researcher in women’s affairs in Islam, the future safety of young white girls depends on it.

ANALYSIS: Thumbs up from the international press for Pope Francis

by - 1st May 2013

Pope Francis. Photo: ReutersWe look at international coverage of Pope Francis’ election, and wonder if we are witnessing a new open-mindedness about the possibilities of religion.

ANALYSIS: East London Muslim vigilantes: it’s the territorial claims that are worrying

by - 30th January 2013

Professor Lamin SannehScholars warned of territorial Islam in UK 25 years ago.  It should now be treated as a political crime, argues Sean Oliver-Dee.

Religion behind the news

by - 12th September 2012

Greater love:  As Iran released death-row Pastor Youcef Nadakhani today, Wilf Merttens describes his meeting with the hunger striker who suffered for him.