Death and devotion

by - 18th July 2012

KARACHI:  Pakistan’s biggest mela attracted thousands again this year despite increased violence against folk Islam worldwide.

How the media covered the riots: moralising without a prayer

by - 24th August 2011

The Clapham clean-up: demonstrable faith? Photo: @thisisjikayAs moral outrage spilled out in newsprint during the riots that hit Britain’s streets a fortnight ago, the UK media largely overlooked the role of faith and the work of faith communities in their news reporting.

None the wiser ten years on: The Telegraph’s failure to get 9/11

by - 11th May 2011

Ed WestThe tenth anniversary of the Al Qa’eda attacks of 11 September 2001 against the U.S. approaches. Osama Bin Laden is dead. But moderate Muslims are reminded daily that Western political and media leaders have learned little, in this decade, about Islam in general, and radical Islamist ideology in particular.

Nigeria: How the media once again short-change the victims of violence

by - 4th May 2011

An angry crowd gathers in the aftermath of armed raids on student quarters at Jos Federal College in March (Photos: CSW)Western media reports which explain the post-election violence in Nigeria as a straight religious fight between the Christian south and the Muslim north fail to recognise the socio-political complexities of the region.