ANALYSIS 'Their aim was power': how - and why - Islamism breaks schools

by - 24th February 2016

THE whistle-blower at the centre of Islamist entryism into British schools from 1994 onwards was ignored by government. As disciplinary hearings into the conduct of five more Birmingham teachers continue this week, John Ray OBE tells his story.

ANALYSIS Assad or the Islamists? Christians weigh their options

by - 19th February 2016

JOHN PONTIFEX travelled to Syria to ask the question most journalists refuse to address.

ANALYSIS Saudi Arabia and its links to Islamic State

by - 12th February 2016

WHEN a top Saudi cleric admits on-air that it is his country that spawned IS, the world must consider its options.

ANALYSIS Time to consider why the ‘religion of peace’ is so bloody

by - 23rd December 2015

RESPONSES to terrorism by Western leaders that defend Islam as 'a religion of peace' do more harm than good, writes MARK DURIE.