ANALYSIS: Christianised Islam is root of UK’s Muslim reform movement

by - 9th December 2015

TOMORROW is Human Rights Day. JENNY TAYLOR looks at the influence of Christianity on the man leading the fight against extremism in Britain.

ANALYSIS Paris attacks were not 'nihilism' but sacred strategy

by - 16th November 2015

British commentator Janet Daley's piece in The Telegraph stands for everything woeful about the European elites' response to Islamic jihad. It is a triumph of religious illiteracy.

ANALYSIS: When does a mosque stop being a church - or museum?

by - 4th November 2015

HISTORY is snapping at the heels of interfaith relations in both Turkey and Spain, reports CHARLES CAMERON

ANALYSIS Is the beleaguered Saudi Kingdom headed for collapse?

by - 7th October 2015

THE collapse of a crane at the Grand Mosque and the hajj stampede have taken many lives and underscored the sense among Saudis of a kingdom out of control.