ANALYSIS Apocalypse soon: For Islamic State, the end is definitely nigh

by - 9th September 2015

‘GOOD secular sorts’ are still ignoring Islamic End Times theology despite its strategic and theoretical importance.

ANALYSIS: The revival of Sikh nationalism begins to worry India

by - 14th August 2015

OVER-emphasis on Pakistan’s role in the revival of Sikh nationalism has failed to address real grievances, argues SLOK GYAWALI

ANALYSIS: ‘Stamping out intolerance’: Blair and Kantor put their faith in law

by - 24th July 2015

THE MAN who introduced 27,000 new laws to Britain has the job of his dreams. DAVID KNOWLES wonders if it can possibly bring freedom.

ANALYSIS Surge in UK's concern for international religious freedom

by - 15th July 2015

'THE great cause of our times.’  House of Lords debate seeks to translate rhetoric into policy