Jenny Taylor

ANALYSIS: Christianised Islam is root of UK’s Muslim reform movement

by - 9th December 2015

TOMORROW is Human Rights Day. JENNY TAYLOR looks at the influence of Christianity on the man leading the fight against extremism in Britain.

You cannot fight religion with atheism

by - 27th November 2015

Even England’s bishops voted for military action this week – in a motion that seemed wholesale in scope.  [See our report here.]

Durie blogs: Love alone is not enough

by - 20th November 2015

WALID Aly is a well-known Australian media commentator.  This week on Channel Ten’s The Project he produced an impassioned and compelling speech about the Paris killings. This went viral, achieving 27 million views on social media within just a few days. That is more hits than there are people in Australia.

End of the Megamosque?

by - 30th October 2015

It’s official.  The Tablighi Jamaat have been refused planning permission to build their huge mosque and Islamic training centre in London’s east end.

After two decades at least of prevarication and inertia on the part of the authorities and vexatious appeals and refusal to observe planning regulations of almost any kind by TJ, the news is welcome.

Faith Minister: why it's right to scrap

by - 13th August 2015


And so with very little notice being taken, a Constitutional experiment unprecedented in Britain’s history, has been quietly laid to rest.  Or has it?