Jenny Taylor

Materialism's revenge

by - 15th August 2011

RETURNED, ironically enough, from a week on the holy island of Iona in the Inner Hebrides - one of the fountainheads of European civilization : only slowly to awaken to the nightmare erupting all around us here in North London. 

Had deliberately fasted from news for two whole weeks and did not get back into the routine until last Monday lunchtime – by which time we were into the third day of riots. 

No more pussy-footing

by - 22nd July 2011

By guest blogger, Richard McCallum


A rabbi, a priest and an imam are sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and smoking shisha ... And the rabbi says to the imam ...

Muslim reformers expose scandal of undocumented British marriages

by - 6th July 2011

Lack of written contract leads ‘hundreds of marriages’ to violence and even murder, claims leading Muslim academic.

Top Muslim women’s advocate backs Cox’s Equality Bill

by - 13th June 2011

Sharia councils will continue’, but reform from within Muslim world more likely, says MWN Chair.

Describing Coptic massacres as 'sectarian clashes' makes the West look stupid

by - 18th May 2011

PAUL MARSHALL, the Hudson Institute researcher and media commentator whom I admire enormously for his relentless championing of disenfranchised Christians around the world, has a nice turn of phrase.

He says that describing the massacre of Christians in Egypt as ‘sectarian clashes’ is like describing KKK lynchings as ‘racial clashes’. But this is just what the media including the BBC are doing on a daily basis.