Jenny Taylor

Arming Libyans: Time for a Religious Freedom Test?

by - 15th April 2011

This article first appeared as a Guardian Comment here

An odd thing happened at the Frontline Club the other night.  In a discussion about the ‘new world order’ following the Arab uprisings, and the vexed question of whom to support as traditional allegiances shift and break, a woman at the back of the audience suddenly spoke up: What about a religious freedom test? What better criterion could there be by which to gauge rebel intent in Libya? 

Saudi Arabia and the Spectre of Protest

by - 3rd March 2011

By guest blogger, Irfan Al-Alawi

Greater love has no man than this...

by - 23rd February 2011

President Obama has awarded the Medal of Freedom to the wife of slain optometrist Tom Little, who spent 30 years in Afghanistan.

London 'megamosque' developers are 'secretive, supremacist and sexist': appeal hearing

by - 18th February 2011

A planning inquiry in east London heard yesterday how a ‘secretive’ Muslim sect that wants to ‘conquer the world for Islam’ is trying to represent itself as a community project in order to ensure its European mission base.