Jenny Taylor

AMMAN: Charities were already stressed before Syria's refugee explosion

by - 10th August 2012

Syrian refugees in Jordan - Photo: Matthew BellAs the crisis deepens, we re-publish a report into provision for refugees who already make up half Jordan's population.

EGYPT: ‘God is the one who is taking care of me.’

by - 11th July 2012

Already deluged by refugees from across the continent, Cairo’s All Saints Cathedral copes with the worsening situation for migrant women, writes Jenny Taylor

Jubilee and the X-factor Queen

by - 11th June 2012

Of 31 monarchs in Europe, the English Queen is the only remaining anointed one.  Jubilee watchers will have been affected by this in unfamiliar ways, which may account for some of the outpouring of feeling.

For unlike politicians or presidents, the Queen embodies sacred aspects of ourselves and our national life that other political figures cannot, for they are limited to representing only what current fads will allow.

(Still not) Finding Kony

by - 9th May 2012

The BBC’s Dan Damon has just been in the Central African Republic and Uganda, travelling with the US Army to report on the hunt for mass child-abductor Joseph Kony.  One hundred special-forces soldiers are deployed there to assist armies of four countries still ravaged by the brutal leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Lapido asked Dan about his week-long trip into one of the most remote parts of Africa.

‘Faith-ignorant smear campaign won’t undermine us’

by - 26th April 2012

Pastor speaks out on eve of elections, as project becomes pawn of Welsh politics.