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From Tunisia to Hungary: Lessons in solidarity for the persecuted

by - 8th May 2013

Journalist Lela Gilbert Jews are puzzled by the lack of Christian resolve in the face of persecution, writes the Jerusalem-based co-author of a new book Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christianity.

Free Speech Anyone? - Not in England or Canada Apparently

by - 25th March 2013

Neil Addison, National Director of the Thomas More Legal Centre.In the past couple of weeks there have been two worrying cases in England and in Canada which seem to demonstrate an increasing intolerance on the part of Public Bodies coupled with a willingness by the Courts to side step Free Speech guarantees in order to prevent he expression of views which "might" be offensive.

Is Tanzania going the way of Northern Nigeria, Somalia, Mali ... ?

by - 13th March 2013

Journalist Dismas Lyassa who is watching peaceable Tanzania fall apartWe focus spotlight on a new theatre of communal strife where brutal murder, and claims to commercial and territorial monopolies ring all the usual alarm bells.

Lapido Media Book Launch on the Tablighi Jamaat

by - 29th September 2012

Jenny speaking at the Frontline ClubLast night Lapido Media, an international religious literacy charity, launched the first in a new series of books designed for journalists on religious literacy in world affairs.





Islamic revival movement may adapt to avoid Megamosque project collapse, claims scholar

by - 27th September 2012

New book launches series challenging journalists to engage with the social and political impact of religions in Britain.