Irfan Al-Alawi

ANALYSIS Could do better: Ofsted is struggling in its attempts to crack down on illegal Islamic schools

by - 23rd November 2016

DR IRFAN AL-ALAWI surveys the state of play between Britain’s unruly Muslim schools that are changing the culture of gender relations, and the courts.

ICC Ignores Ideological Motive in Timbuktu Crimes

by - 31st August 2016

A FUNDAMENTALIST has admitted the ‘destruction of historic and religious monuments’ in Mali. But what drove former civil servant Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi to attack the heritage sites?

ANALYSIS: The Dilemma of the Turkish State

by - 21st July 2016

THE FAILED coup in Turkey appears to have played in to the hands of the president. Will he now become more powerful than ever?

Ramadan ends in blood

by - 13th July 2016

INCOMPREHENSIBLE to the West, Wahhabi-influenced Islam incites a global wave of killings to mark the end of the fast. The Saudi kingdom must sever the umbilical cord.

South Asians everywhere mourn slaying of religious singer

by - 29th June 2016

IRFAN AL-ALAWI reports on the brutal assassination last week of the scion of Pakistan’s most adored Qawwali singing clan who played WOMAD