Irfan Al-Alawi

Now it’s undeniable: Deobandi mosques radicalise Britain’s Muslims

by - 6th April 2016

ISLAMIC separatism starts with the clergy, reports this week show.  Irfan al-Alawi summarises the findings

ANALYSIS Saudi Arabia and its links to Islamic State

by - 12th February 2016

WHEN a top Saudi cleric admits on-air that it is his country that spawned IS, the world must consider its options.

GUEST BLOG Regulation of UK madrassas is acceptable to spiritual and traditional Muslims

by - 20th January 2016

SOME UK mosques have struck out against proposals by Government for regulation of Islamic madrassas, or religious supplementary schools attended by children after their regular instruction.

The British Government publicised its madrassa concept late last year.

The official plan followed critical remarks by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Cameron warned that some Muslim children had ‘their heads filled with poison and their hearts filled with hate’ in the madrassa environment.

The vicious theology that links Saudi Arabia and ISIS

by - 14th October 2015

THE attention of the world has been seized by the recent occupation by ISIS of the ancient city of Palmyra. But the devastation of Muslim heritage is rooted elsewhere.

ANALYSIS Is the beleaguered Saudi Kingdom headed for collapse?

by - 7th October 2015

THE collapse of a crane at the Grand Mosque and the hajj stampede have taken many lives and underscored the sense among Saudis of a kingdom out of control.