Irfan Al-Alawi

Zakir Naik: A danger to India and its Muslims

by - 1st December 2011

More evidence that India’s irenic brand of Islam is increasingly under pressure.

Al-Azhar University’s ‘democracy’ call leaves room for Islamism

by - 29th June 2011

Lapido Media analyses a stream of new initiatives by Cairo’s Grand Shaykh in light of mass demonstrations planned for 8 July demanding a pre-election constitution.

None the wiser ten years on: The Telegraph’s failure to get 9/11

by - 11th May 2011

Ed WestThe tenth anniversary of the Al Qa’eda attacks of 11 September 2001 against the U.S. approaches. Osama Bin Laden is dead. But moderate Muslims are reminded daily that Western political and media leaders have learned little, in this decade, about Islam in general, and radical Islamist ideology in particular.

How religion underwrites the unrest in Syria and Yemen

by - 1st April 2011

There is a hadith – a well-attested saying of Muhammad - that throws light on the religious underpinnings of the growing political unrest in Syria and Yemen.

Muhammad – peace be upon him – is said to have once prayed, ‘O Allah, bless us in our Syria (Shams), bless us in our Yemen.’  The authenticity of this hadith is established for Sunni Muslims by the great collectors of the Prophet’s sayings, Al-Bukhari and Muslim Ibn al-Hajjaj, both living in the ninth century CE, the third century of the Islamic era.

Supreme leader of Wahhabism gets royal welcome in India

by - 24th March 2011

'Pact of terrorism' claim as leading Saudi preacher visits Deoband.