Jayson Casper

Five-year freeze in Vatican-Azhar relations could soon be over

by - 27th January 2016

ROME summer school quietly graduates first ever Azhar lecturer with a Vatican-certified diploma in Christianity.

Christian partnership with UAE royals guarantees safer childbirth

by - 16th December 2015

Before the hospital, thirty per cent of women died in childbirth and sixty per cent of children died before they were six years old.’

BRIEFING: The Russian airline disaster, and Islamic State in Egypt

by - 25th November 2015

BACKGROUND to the ISIS franchise that some think downed the Russian tourist 'plane in October, and that has London offering to send troops.

First peace studies programme in the Arab world gets off to tentative start

by - 28th October 2015

AS THE THIRD intifada escalates, visas to study nonviolence in Palestine are still a tricky issue, staff and students tell Lapido