Jayson Casper

The Egyptian street is still alive . . .

by - 28th August 2015

A JESUIT priest and his Muslim colleagues continue the revolution through semi-political street theatre

ANALYSIS Surge in UK's concern for international religious freedom

by - 15th July 2015

'THE great cause of our times.’  House of Lords debate seeks to translate rhetoric into policy

The faith of Egypt’s judges

by - 10th July 2015

FOLLOWING the assassination of Egypt’s chief prosecutor last week, we meet two other judges in the line of fire

Teaching migrant workers their rights: good news from the Gulf

by - 3rd July 2015

IGNORANT of the laws that should protect them, migrant labourers are finding help from an unusual source

ANALYSIS: 'Brotherhood’s call for retribution is religious violence’

by - 5th June 2015

A NEW document signed by over 150 Muslim scholars peels away the ambiguity in the Islamist struggle against Egypt’s President Sisi