Jayson Casper

Islam greets Christianity in Oman

by - 20th May 2015

ON THE border with Saudi Arabia, an American clergyman partners with a sultan keen on religious coexistence

The peacemaking Palestinian evangelicals of Israel

by - 1st May 2015

TINY minority pushes back against right-wing political rhetoric as research shows Christians slipping into societal isolation

There is no ‘nation of the cross’

by - 29th April 2015

IN THE wake of the killing of Christian Ethiopians in Libya, Coptic bishop and Islamic scholars warn against ISIS’ invented label

Egypt exports interfaith ‘Bridge’

by - 15th April 2015

AS IRAN comes in from the cold, Iranian-born artist highlighted among 47 Middle Eastern works coming to London

BRIEFING: Who are the Copts?

by - 27th February 2015

JAYSON CASPER explains who the Copts are and what their understanding of martyrdom is.