Jayson Casper

Church relief effort highlights ‘1000s left on streets’ ahead of Iraqi winter

by - 24th September 2014

AN EGYPTIAN church has mobilised its network to help Iraqi refugees but one of its members, former MP Ehab El-Kharrat, tells JAYSON CASPER there are serious gaps in aid provision ahead of a freezing winter.

Egypt: Christian's sexual harassment campaign endorsed by government

by - 16th July 2014

COPTIC CHRISTIAN'S work reaches thousands of children in a country where sexual assault is endemic. JAYSON CASPER hears that Sisi’s ministers are paying attention.

Coptic activist dissolves movement ahead of Sisi’s electoral triumph

by - 4th June 2014

HOPE for a ‘new era’ of Egyptian leadership is not shared by pioneering leader’s disciples

Egypt: Divided society drives ‘preacher of the revolution’ to lonely hunger strike

by - 30th April 2014

TWENTY TWO days without food, his critique of Sisi and protest against current conditions alienates fellow Copts.

The Coptic Canadian surgeon who is going home to serve the poor

by - 2nd April 2014

SIXTY PER CENT of Egyptian doctors work abroad, and rural hospitals suffer the most - until now.