Jayson Casper

Egypt: Church burning reveals ugly contest over truth and victimhood

by - 20th August 2013

Copts pray at a burnt-out church in Minya (August 15). Photo: Mina RizkallaLapido talks to all sides and finds chaotic messages that reach neither the street nor the media.

Egypt: Coptic Palm Sunday street parade is axed to keep the peace

by - 1st May 2013

Coptic Bishop Thomas of Asyut Diocese celebrates within boundsBut Collapse of government in Egypt has a silver lining, as building booms for put-upon Copts.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood launches development campaign as violence rocks the nation

by - 30th January 2013

Planting trees in Egypt. Photo: Jayson Casper'They cannot run the country administratively; everything they touch fails’, claims Muslim opposition as parties vie for moral high ground in Egypt's dance of death.

Iraq: Palestinian children languish under Israeli occupation

by - 2nd January 2013

Revd Stephen Sizer: Presented at the conference. Photo: Stephen Sizer UK Anglican priest accused of anti-Semitism champions Baghdad Declaration.