Jayson Casper

Brotherhood face both ways as Egypt votes for its president

by - 24th May 2012

‘Clarifying Islam’: MB presidential hopeful Mohamed Morsy. Photo: ReutersMB hopefuls renounce punishment for conversion – and a new caliphate in Jerusalem.

Egypt: Is feminization key to future?

by - 2nd May 2012

Surprising images and passionate performances mark fourth annual Caravan Festival of Arts in post-revolutionary Cairo.

Egypt: Does God permit a Muslim to break a promise?

by - 11th April 2012

Brotherhood U-turn on fielding a presidential candidate sparks outrage. ‘They want to consolidate power’ says Azhar scholar.

Egypt: What chance for the Copts now their champion is dead?

by - 21st March 2012

Pope Shenouda’s death has unleashed debate over church involvement in politics.

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Egypt: Coptic leaders enrage their own youth as they avoid confrontation with military

by - 18th January 2012

Strains within church could further destabilize Egypt, as young Copts demand justice not peace at any price for comrades killed at Maspero.