Slok Gyawali

Bangladesh’s tryst with ISIS

by - 6th July 2016

THE government of Bangladesh is in denial about extremism and needs to re-think its strategy to protect minorities and freedom

Hate-speech law ‘threatens learning’ – and commerce

by - 30th March 2016

ACROSS South Asia a colonial-era law is being used to silence religious dissent.

Divisive Ayodhya temple project has India in jitters all over again

by - 13th January 2016

The struggle to build the ‘mother’ temple of India’s most popular avatar in Ayodhya is a struggle over the idea of India.

Nepal’s new constitution fails both religion and secularism

by - 30th September 2015

WESTERN ideas of ‘neutrality’ are leaving ordinary Nepalis behind – and, in banning conversion, the new constitution offends against freedom too. Lapido spoke to some of its architects.