Charles Cameron

ANALYSIS: ‘West's foreign policy only a secondary reason for hatred.’

by - 5th August 2016

CHARLES Cameron unpacks Islamic State’s crude misconception of the Trinity in the second of a two-part look at the latest issue of Dabiq.

‘Breaking the cross’: Pathetic ISIS 'theologians' get wires crossed

by - 3rd August 2016

IN THE latest issue of its magazine Dabiq, ISIS betrays its ignorance of Islamic exegesis.

ANALYSIS The French state has no category for the killing of Fr Jacques

by - 27th July 2016

FOR SECULAR France, the killing of a beloved Catholic priest by Islamist terrorists is a conundrum

ANALYSIS: When does a mosque stop being a church - or museum?

by - 4th November 2015

HISTORY is snapping at the heels of interfaith relations in both Turkey and Spain, reports CHARLES CAMERON

ANALYSIS Apocalypse soon: For Islamic State, the end is definitely nigh

by - 9th September 2015

‘GOOD secular sorts’ are still ignoring Islamic End Times theology despite its strategic and theoretical importance.