Charles Cameron

Venerating Putin: Is Russia’s President the second Prince Vlad?

by - 26th August 2015

THE FIRST Prince Vladimir was the saint who baptised the Russias; Vladimir Putin would like to be seen as saving Christianity in an increasingly secular Europe.

Mullah Omar’s death strengthens al-Baghdadi’s claim to the caliphate

by - 19th August 2015

ONLY one person at a time can be Commander of the Faithful. With the death of the Taliban’s Mullah Omar, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s claim becomes plausible.

The Dalai Lama and the Pope: renewing the power of holiness

by - 12th August 2015

IN A time of apparent secularism and materialism, the two great figures of moral stature on the world stage are religious leaders. What’s their secret?

GUEST BLOG: Poetry, controversy and praise in Pope Francis’ Encyclical

by - 26th June 2015

POPE FRANCIS has enriched the global debate over ecological concern with his Encyclical Laudato Si. He has also stirred controversy.

NEWS FOCUS: The Bamiyan Buddha lives again

by - 17th June 2015

Bamiyan Buddha before and after

LIKE A phoenix rising from the ashes, the Bamiyan Buddha has now been restored as a light show, after its destruction by the Taliban