Charles Cameron

Yehuda Glick permitted back on Temple Mount – kind of

by - 13th May 2015

EVEN a non-Muslim moving his or her lips in apparent prayer on the Mount was forbidden by the Waqf and reinforced by the Israeli government - until now, reports CHARLES CAMERON

BRIEFING: The roots of conflict in Yemen – no easy answers

by - 22nd April 2015

AS the crisis in Yemen deepens, Lapido explains some of the complexities that have pitted Houthi rebels against government troops.

ANALYSIS: Water shortages and violence in the Middle East

by - 27th March 2015

RAPID depletion of water supplies will impact the national security of states involved in the battle with IS and other terrorists

ANALYSIS: Netanyahu’s speech, Purim and the book of Esther

by - 6th March 2015

WHAT did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress achieve? CHARLES CAMERON reports.