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Hate-speech law ‘threatens learning’ – and commerce

by - 30th March 2016

ACROSS South Asia a colonial-era law is being used to silence religious dissent.

ANALYSIS The battle for Pakistan

by - 28th March 2016

AS we drove home from Easter Sunday celebrations we could hear the chanting: thousands of people in the heart of Pakistan’s capital city demanding that the government institute a policy of ethnic cleansing.

Crucified (literally) thirty times - and still rising in the Philippines

by - 25th March 2016

BEN CAL meets a 55-year-old penitent preparing to be nailed to a cross on Good Friday - again

Jewish settler: ‘I am a passionate defender of Palestinian rights.’

by - 16th March 2016

JEWS joined Palestinian evangelicals at a conference in Bethlehem last week to call for human rights.