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Stop yelling, get out your knitting needles and join the revolution!

by - 17th February 2016

BETTER than a screaming placard or a brick through the window, a politer kind of protest is set to change your world.

ANALYSIS Saudi Arabia and its links to Islamic State

by - 12th February 2016

WHEN a top Saudi cleric admits on-air that it is his country that spawned IS, the world must consider its options.

Strength in weakness: Egypt president’s apology spurs hope

by - 10th February 2016

COPTS feel wanted again as army spends £16.5 million to rebuild churches destroyed by Morsi supporters.

Five-year freeze in Vatican-Azhar relations could soon be over

by - 27th January 2016

ROME summer school quietly graduates first ever Azhar lecturer with a Vatican-certified diploma in Christianity.