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Catholic leader denounces India’s government over Orissa

by - 19th January 2009

Archbishop Cheenath: We need outside helpEvidence of weapons stockpiling is growing in advance of April’s elections.

Where kindness incites the Hindu killers

by - 14th January 2009

A hospital that has been declared ‘the next prime target’ in the violence against Christians in Orissa State, India, is continuing with an eye camp – under armed guard.

‘Protect minorities or quit’, top judges tell Orissa Government

by - 6th January 2009

A priest waves the saffron flag of Hindu nationalism. Photo: SambadIndia’s Supreme Court on Monday (January 5) surprised the country with its unprecedented request to the Orissa government to resign if it could not protect Christians.

Urgent need for religious literacy training for public services

by - 2nd December 2008

Banaz MahmodLapido Media has today called for police, social workers and other frontline public service staff to undergo religion-awareness training.

Archbishop tells government: Don’t impose solutions

by - 17th November 2008

Photo: Richard HansonThe Archbishop of Canterbury warned against ‘top down solutions’ when he opened the country’s first joint government and Anglican-funded Children’s Centre in inner-city Birmingham at the weekend.