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Militant Hindu youth wing faces ban

by - 13th October 2008

© Himalayan Academy Publications, HawaiiIndia’s National Integration Committee met over the weekend to discuss the banning of the Hindu extremist youth group Bajrang Dal.

The role of religious illiteracy in the clash of values

by - 13th October 2008

Jenny TaylorReligion is the heart of all culture and the future depends on a more religiously literate élite, Taylor tells Swiss symposium.

Angry appeal to India’s President to end inaction over violence

by - 22nd September 2008

Photo: International Business TimesDelhi churches hand in petition to President Patil, as Indian business diaspora prays for the nation.

Exiting India’s caste-based system – at their peril

by - 9th September 2008

Western media coverage of what is happening in the state of Orissa, eastern India, is almost uniformly taking the view that this is merely "religious nutters" (mad or crazy people) attacking each other. 

Is this really the case?

New religion regulations protect anti-abortion stance

by - 8th September 2008

Neil AddisonA Roman Catholic trainee GP was threatened with dismissal after refusing to give abortion advice or prescribing the ‘morning after pill’.