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British woman beats the Burmese junta

by - 28th July 2008

Burmese cycloneThe world is already forgetting Cyclone Nargis which rampaged through southern Burma, killing more than 100,000 people in May, and leaving two million homeless, writes Lynda Peel.*

Former Tory chief to head relationships think tank

by - 2nd July 2008

Michael TrendMichael Trend, formerly MP for Windsor, has been appointed as Executive Director of the Cambridge-based policy think-tank Relationships Foundation, with effect from 1 September 2008.

A Christian Britain in a Plural World?

by - 28th May 2008

Dr Michael Nazir-AliThe rapid fragmentation of society, the emergence of isolated communities with only tenuous links to their wider context and the impact of home-gown terrorism have all led even hard-bitten, pragmatist politicians to ask questions about ‘Britishness’: what is at the core of British identity; how can it be reclaimed, passed on and owned by more and more people?

Whose Messiah? Jews debate Jesus

by - 13th May 2008

Rabbi Shmuley BoteachNewsweek magazine dubbed him ‘America's most famous Rabbi’: Shmuley Boteach (pronounced Bote'ach), and Dr. Michael Brown, ‘the world's foremost Messianic Jewish apologist’, went head to head over belief in Jesus, Monday (12 May).

Security delays launch of Muslim counter-terror group

by - 23rd April 2008

Maajid NawazStrict security delayed the launch of the world’s ‘first Muslim counter-extremism organization’, the Quilliam Foundation, at London’s British Museum yesterday.