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The foul minority is our responsibility

by - 3rd April 2008

Geert WildersImages of terrorist attacks, snippets from ferocious sermons, angry crowds chanting venomous slogans, young children being brainwashed - there was something depressingly familiar about Fitna – the controversial movie by Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

‘Engage, excel, be patient’

by - 6th March 2008

Engaging: The Magical Muju CrewThe flyers advertising The Upstart Festival at the Tricycle Theatre on 2 March said:  ‘Cutting-edge artists from Muslim and Jewish backgrounds . . . working together’ – as if that was something difficult to imagine.  Those three elliptical dots . . .

Whose justice?

by - 3rd March 2008

The furore greeting the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recommendation to merge aspects of the shariah law with English Law indicates not so much the nature of the controversy but the ignorance of the country at large about the facts of migration.

The existence of parallel ethnic legal systems has been a fact of life in Britain for 30 years. 

And it’s not just Muslim law that’s been operating quietly in the ghettoes either.  There is traditional and modern Hindu law as well as African laws. 

Muslim ‘Parliament’ says: ‘We don't want this mosque’

by - 3rd March 2008

Dr Ghayasuddin SiddiquiBritish establishment architects and spin-doctors are taking the lead in building the country’s biggest mosque that senior Pakistani citizens warn the country does not need.

The man who co-founded the separatist Muslim Parliament has denounced plans for a huge 12,000-seater mosque next to the Olympic site.

Contract killers gun down Sri Lankan pastor

by - 29th February 2008

Two police auxiliaries and a businessman have been arrested following the cold-blooded shooting in in Ampara, in Eastern Sri Lanka, of a young pastor and his family.

Neil Edirisinghe, 37, of the House Church Foundation, is believed to have been shot in a contract killing following six months of threatening phone-calls, according to police.  The attackers also shot his wife Shiromi, 31, in the stomach, and their two-year old son, Sheraad, who was injured, and is reported to be suffering from severe trauma.