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The central difference

by - 27th October 2007

Pope Benedict XVI - Photo: media have missed the point of the letter from 138 Muslim leaders to the Pope on 11 October.

Agencies criticise film exposé of Muslim missions

by - 25th October 2007

Steve BellBritish mission agencies who were involved in the Dispatches film “Unholy War”, broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday, fear negative repercussions, after the film bracketed them with what they describe as “unaccountable” American evangelists.

Salvationist quits over ‘Muslim’ violence

by - 13th May 2007

A Salvation Army officer is quitting the neighbourhood project she set up, after being subjected to violence and abuse.

A grandmother and heroine of the London bombings, Captain JD who set up the Middlesex Outreach Project just three years ago, has recently raised a further £65,000 development funding for the work. Now she is losing the sight in one eye from an arterial bleed she claims is caused by stress.

‘Forgive them’ say wives of Turkish martyrs

by - 1st May 2007

The wives of three men – two converts and a German missionary murdered for being Christian on 18 April - immediately issued statements saying they forgave the killers, and insisting they will remain in Malatya with their children.

Pressure mounts on Iraq Christians

by - 30th April 2007

Christians in Iraq are being forced to convert or quit, according to a Christian Parliamentarian in Iraq's Kurdistan region. ‘Thousands of Christian families are being told to leave the country or convert to Islam or pay the jizzya’ (a tax traditionally imposed on non-Muslim men in Islamic states) Parliamentarian, Romeo Hakkari told Adnkronos International (AKI).