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Peace or Justice?

by - 5th September 2006

The unsung churches of Northern Uganda have played a crucial role in what could be the best chance of peace after the 20-year war in this devastated land.

A cessation of hostilities agreement was signed in Juba by Ruhakana Rugunda, Ugandan Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of the Kampala delegation, and Martin Ojul, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) delegation.on 26 August. It was witnessed by Riek Machar, Vice-President of the government of southern Sudan and the mediator of the talks.

Northern Uganda Church helps win peace

by - 10th August 2006

“The time has come that we should meet face to face with Kony. In a situation where there has been conflict, if we put God’s Presence to be in our faces, we will make a difference. If we see Kony’s face, we should see as if we are seeing God’s face because he is made in the image of God.”

Churches respond to witchcraft revelations

by - 23rd May 2006

London’s Pentecostal churches are responding to the child ‘witches’ scandal with training and education.

Horrific cases of brutality to children in the name of a blend of bogus ‘Christianity’ and African traditional religion shocked Britain last year.

More than three hundred Congolese and Angolan Protestant pastors and church leaders have attended or booked onto ‘child safe-guarding training’ run by the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service since February.

Christianity or the Occult? Emerging Trends in the African Diaspora

by - 23rd May 2006

A senior Roman Catholic scholar launched an attack on a 'sensationalist' response to what is being loosely called 'witchcraft' in Britain, when he addressed an international symposium at Westminster Central Hall yesterday (Monday 22 May), hosted by Jesus House for All Nations, flagship church of the African-derived pentecostal Redeemed Christian Church of God denomination.