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ANALYSIS Easter Rising: religious sacrifice or campaign of terror?

by - 29th April 2016

TODAY marks the end of the campaign that brought physical force back to Irish republican politics. PETER LYNAS asked three current leaders for their views

ANALYSIS Religion is like sex education: it must permeate the whole curriculum

by - 27th April 2016

RELIGION’s social and cultural importance must be explored in Britain for security’s sake, Professor John Wolffe told MPs this week.

Peaceful 'pillow protesters' take on EDL

by - 11th April 2016

THE English Defence League's latest protest was met with pillows, tea and cake. DAVID KNOWLES was there to investigate.

Now it’s undeniable: Deobandi mosques radicalise Britain’s Muslims

by - 6th April 2016

ISLAMIC separatism starts with the clergy, reports this week show.  Irfan al-Alawi summarises the findings