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Introducing our new series
Handy Books on Religion in World Affairs


Target readership: Journalists and opinion formers

Level: Accessible, with time-lines, bios, pull-out quotes and fact boxes, this series is designed to provide facts on religion for secular readers.

ISBN: 978-0-9573565-0-4

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Newsletter Winter/Spring 2012

In this issue:

  • The arab spring will mean little if freedom remains a religious crime
  • Helping Big Society projects
  • Promoting a better conversation about religions
  • When mass murder is a religious issue
  • An in-depth look at state/Muslim engagement
  • Good governance: Lapido welcomes Dr Phil Lewis

Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2010

In this issue:

When reportage is the problem
Working with newsrooms
Jakarta: freedom of the press versus ‘defamation of religions’
The largest aid provider to the Middle East has asked Lapido Media to help tell its story better
New partnership is ‘ideal fit’
Tackling ignorance about political religion

Newsletter Spring 2010

In this issue:

Deoband, source of global Islam
Surrey Muslims boycott social cohesion appointment
Wholly Political
Networking with journalists
Nikah reform
Saving St Mark’s

The Secularization of Blasphemy

The Rushdie affair has resulted insidiously in the secularization of blasphemy: a form of self-censorship that limits our freedoms as much as any ghetto, argues Jenny Taylor in this quarter's Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter.