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by - 13th September 2011

Deoband MosqueLapido Media exists to promote religious literacy in world affairs, helping the church recover its voice in our society and re-engaging with the important issues of the day, and this will offer a great opportunity to help you in that.

We are a two-year old charity, now looking to build on our initial success to develop awareness in the churches of what we do.  We are aiming at generating a 3,000-strong supporter base, so that we can together really begin to change the national conversation, and we would like to feel we can include you as one of our ambassador churches.

To that end, we’d like first to tell you what we’ve been doing.  We believe that when you understand more you will be enthusiastic to join us.  We have made a great start, working with national and international journalists, giving papers at international conferences for journalists and business leaders; getting books published, not for those already converted, but more remarkably for the secular market, that tell the good news of Christ.  We also run an attractive website that is increasingly used