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Would you like to help support Lapido Media without incurring any costs yourself? If you shop on-line, you could help support your favourite charity - Lapido Media - very simply.

You won’t get spam emails, it won’t cost you anything and it will take just a couple of minutes to set up on your own computer, tablet or phone. It is perfectly safe and you will also know much much you have raised each time you make an on-line purchase. The average will be 1% of your spend donated by the retailer to Lapido Media.

  1. Go now to:
  2. Install the shopping bar.
  3. Choose to help Lapido Media
  4. Click the bar each time you go shopping before you make the final purchase

You’ll get a little email as a thank you each time you donate.

Thanks for supporting Lapido Media in this simple way. Your donation is making a difference!


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